Hi! And welcome…

Hi! And welcome…

We are thrilled to be here and, on our very first blog post, we thought it would be useful to tell you a little more about us 🙂

We are Sens8tional, a team of passionate and friendly individuals, focussed on raising awareness and understanding of sensory needs (more on ‘sensory needs’ in our next post!). We are also parents of some pretty awesome little ones, who continue to teach us new things every day.

With careers in Occupational Therapy and Education, we aim to support both professionals and families in understanding the root cause of behaviours. We offer further support in implementing practical strategies that will help children and young people to achieve their true potential in social, emotional and academic learning.

As a social enterprise, a not-for-profit company, we are passionate about making a real difference. Having identified a sizeable gap in support for children with a range of sensory needs, we aim to bring a unique combination of experience and empathy that will support children and young people, as well as their families. We recognise that sensory processing challenges can be tough on the whole family and we work hard to offer personalised support and signposting advice.

We seek to promote a future where a reduction in anxiety levels and general mental health issues are realised. With the guidance of our qualified Sensory Integration (SI) Practitioner, we are confident that a sensory-based approach will work towards reducing anxiety levels and promote positive emotional well being  and improvement in quality of life for all.

Please follow us on Facebook @Sens8tional and Twitter @Sens8tional_CIC or get in touch via email hello@sens8tional.com to discover the ways in which we support families and organisations.

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